Saturday, November 03, 2007

Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Program

It's no surprise to anyone that I haven't been much in a blogging mood. There are complicated reasons for that. Some relating to the nature of the Internet and online communities which I feel have the potential to negatively impacting our local, "real life" communities, some related to simple stress and activity, and some related to the idea that if I don't have something profound to impart, I shouldn't post. I've decided if I'm going to continue with this blog though, I'll just post whatever content I choose, controversial or not, informative or not, funny or not, relevant or - oh, you get the idea. So, with that in mind - I will now reenter the world of blogging . . .

. . .

Okay, so that's not as easy as I thought it would be. There's just no help for it. I'll have to rely on a meme.

This is a meme (sort -of) that I found once upon a time, copied and pasted, but completely forgot to bookmark the site so it could be referenced. So, sadly, I have no idea where this movie meme came from but here are the rules:

Pick out ten favorite movies, then look them up at IMDb. In the overview at the top of each movie's page, there are "Plot Keywords," usually five of them. (Plus more, if you click the link.) Take the first five, and post them. Then the rest of us get to play movie buff and see if we can guess them.

Here are my 10 picks. It was hard to narrow down which ones to pick and frankly, I'm a bit taken aback at the plot keywords for some of them. Trust me, they're all real movies - ones that, despite the key words, you probably could watch in respectable company . . . well, mostly.

1. 19th Century / Sense / Intimacy / Lyrical / Colonel
2. Extramarital Affair / Transformation / Rough Sex / Battle Of The Sexes / Fiancee
3. Stabbed In The Leg / Attack / Stabbed In The Chest / Fantasy World / Fantasy Life
4. Public Domain / Death Of Daughter / Baby / Christmas / Adoption
5. Card Game / Male Female Relationship / Heart Condition / Love / Shoes
6. Class Differences / Fall From Height / Dog / Voyeur / Beautiful Woman
7. Exploding Body / Spoon / Altered Version Of Studio Logo / Mentor / Blown To Pieces
8. England / Sister / Britain / Male Female Relationship / Sister Sister Relationship
9. Shot In The Shoulder / Narration / Black Comedy / Corpse / Breasts
10. Critically Acclaimed / Disturbing / Blood On Shirt / Racism / Brawl

So, there we have it. Not only a new post, but a quiz! What luck for the three of you reading.


Answers to follow soon.