Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

1. Lost is on tonight. Seriously. I haven't been this excited about a show since . . . well . . . since a very long time.

Whatever. You get the idea.

The show is absolutely killer right now. On a related note, if you're into the show and haven't yet seen these Lost recaps, check out Ack Attack. Hilarious stuff.

2. Emergency Room docs that look like your daughter's old boyfriend are a bit disconcerting for all, especially when you make him uncomfortable staring at him and muttering "Who the hell does this guy look like??" under your breath every time he comes into the room. Fortunately Supernaturally Talented Middle Daughter When It Comes to Figuring out People and Where They Come From (there for a respiratory distress episode - 'tis the season for ugly allergens - damn spring) finally figured out who he looked like, saving her mother from a trip upstairs to the pysch ward for "observation" or to the police station.

3. Shopping with middle daughter a month or so ago and begging like a little girl for her to shell out the bucks for the newest Sims 2 expansion because you're too cheap apparently pays off. *Bonus: Acting like Mother's Day is simply an excuse for children and others to use the holiday as a "Get Out of Jail" free card and "honor" their mothers for years means you get the present way earlier.

4. Having The Lives of Others for nearly 2 months from Netflix and still not watching it is appalling. Even more shameful than not watching what I know will be an exceptional film is what I have watched instead. Here's a sampling:
Legally Blonde 2
That Thing You Do
Galaxy Quest
While You Were Sleeping

Yeah, I'm an intellectual giant.

5. Posts that you try to write because your eldest daughter has not yet given you the masterpiece of art necessary for the piece you had expected to post by this time are not always the most shining example of any literary competence.

Come on, Bec - it's time to face your fear and get mommy the picture she needs. :p