Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Birthday Season

We're right in the middle of one of our "birthday seasons", those periods during the year where numerous members of the family celebrate the time of their birth. My middle daughter happens to be one of those celebrating this month. It seems impossible the little (relative since she was nearly 9 lbs at birth), helpless, and fragile newborn at left is now a beautiful, incredible, and capable young woman at seventeen. I have to admit, she's still as much of a clothes horse as she was at 2. Still as determined. Still as sure of herself and, most definitely, still as charming.

I wish I could tell you how proud we are of her. It's impossible though, since I simply can't express how deeply the woman she's becoming impresses me. She has a deep and caring heart, one that is touched often by the clear need evident in so many areas of our world. She fervently supports Doctors Without Borders, not only as an abstract concept, but financially with the money earned from her job. She's an amazing person, someone that I feel so privileged to know. Warm, caring, intelligent, loving and ethical. Oh -- the list goes on and on. There isn't enough room in this blog to detail how many ways she's special, miraculous and wonderful. A very happy, heartfelt birthday wish for a wonderful and exciting year ahead for this daughter of mine.


clarice said...

For a minute I thought that picture was Becca. Caroline has grown into such a woman. your right, she is an amazing, caring, gifted young lady. Happy birthday Caroline !!!! Clarice

Influencebad said...

Pfft, yeah, she may be all that, but she was still an ugly baby.


Sorry, just fooling around. ^_^

Mary said...

In case you've forgotten, oh eldest of mine, your birthday is right around the corner and *your* baby pictures will be making their debut here at the same time. Then we'll see who is laughing. ;-)

Influencebad said...

Pfft, whatever. I was even uglier than Caroline, and I'm not ashamed. ^_^

By the way, I noticed that MY blog isn't on your favorite blogs list. THANKS A LOT. Now I know how you REALLY feel about me. ^_^


Anonymous said...

I beg your pardon. I have the most beautiful gd's in the world. Even baby pictures.

love mom

Kristin said...

I'm with Clarice--Caroline is so beautiful and suddenly looks so much like big sis! But what I like best about Caroline (I'm sure she loves being discussed in this forum :) is how grounded and intelligent she is. Well, that's two things :)

Happy belated birthday, Caroline.