Saturday, October 07, 2006


Well, after weeks of procrastination, half pint jars of apple butter now grace my shelves. The house smelled lovely all day yesterday as the apple butter simmered. Quite a change from the smells I'm normally accustomed to facing each day. As a small sample of the olfactory goodness that is my home I give you two examples: the dog (please tell me why their breath smells the way it does?) and the shoes of the youngest (I'm sure I need say nothing else about that scent). Suffice to say, neither smell is quite as nice as the apple butter.

There's something so incredibly satisfying seeing those jars lined up on a shelf, isn't there? I've still got close to 20 lbs. of apples to deal with. I'm thinking that canned apple pie filling is next on the agenda. If I'm not ready to start chucking the apples out the back door for the raccoons later, I might try my hand at some applesauce too.

Laziness, as appealing as it generally is to me on a daily basis, might not be an option tomorrow.


clarice said...

You crack me up. I do not want to begin to think what my house smells like. Luckly I made lots of apple sauce today. Clarice

Anonymous said...

Where is my applebutter. Trying to keep it all to yourself.

Love mom

smilnsigh said...

"Laziness, as appealing as it generally is to me on a daily basis,..."

Have I found a "Soul Sister"? -smile-