Monday, September 22, 2008

Just in Time for Your Workout Today

Seeing LoLCats on Bec's blog and reading Shallow Gal's comment on LOL Walrus and the Bucket led me to this:

Given the fact that my idea of exercise in the past has been generally how quickly I can turn the pages of the book I'm reading while sprawled on the sofa and the new knowledge that . . . umm . . . yeah . . exercise hurts -

I hear ya, Walrus. I seriously hear ya.

BTW, you can totally see that Walrus just wants to punch Perky Personal Trainer there, can't you?

Okay, so that's really just me and my pesky transference issues. Admit it though, the woman is enjoying her exercise just a bit too much for tolerance.

One more for good measure:

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Becca said...

OMG both of those just made me laugh SOOOOO hard.

The burn... I feelz it!

Can I say that next time I go to yoga?

Angie said...

Oh man, how I do hate perky excersize (I can't spell that damned word, sorry) chicks. Maybe the walrus will roll over on her.