Thursday, July 27, 2006

Menstrual Marketing Madness

Have you ever watched a commercial on television or seen an ad in print and wondered aloud to yourself why any company in their right mind would have paid good money for it? I realize companies paying money for insipid, insulting or just plain stupid ads isn’t an incredible revelation to anyone, but sometimes there appears an ad or a marketing campaign that just begs to be noticed for it’s sublime ridiculousness. I recently discovered such a marketing gem.

The other day I had occasion to utilize that marvel of modern female life, the sanitary napkin. As I am a woman of a “certain age”, this wasn’t the first time I’ve used such conveniences, nor will it be the last. However, this time was a bit different. I happened to glance down at the little piece of paper covering the “wings” of the pad and noticed some lovely script writing. At first, I assumed it was just a fanciful rendering of the company name. But lo, I was mistaken! Instead of the company logo or name, there was a sentiment expressed. You know, kind of like those foil wrapped chocolates with little sayings inside the foil? Tired statements that have lost whatever truth they might have contained due to overuse or just plain cheesiness. This however was different. No such warmed over nonsense for this company. Written in elegant and flowing script were the words: “Have a happy period.” Well now, isn’t that nice? I’m nearly certain my entire period would have been dismal and without hope but for this charming sentiment. Who knew it was this easy to make women happy?


clarice said...

Ohh My gosh Mary this still just cracks me up. I am so glad you write about this because I probably would have missed the saying.

WOW your blog looks wonderful (well like it would look anything else !!) Really I love the name, the template (which I have not seen before). It all looks fantastic !! Clarice

Influencebad said...

I'm glad we finally got the blog up and running! I'll help you make those changes you wanted tonight over the phone.

Love the post! Still makes me laugh!


Anonymous said...

What a hilarious way to enter into blogworld! Made my day :) I'm so glad you're finally getting your writing out there for all of us to see. This is going to be so much fun!

Have a happy period!

happybunny said...

This is priceless - I have just found your blog and although you posted this quite a while ago I just had to thank you for the laugh.....