Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Crafty Endeavors

If you spend too much time online perusing blogs, you could potentially find yourself feeling a bit, shall we say, inadequate.

First you have those clever, adept and cerebral wordsmiths who offer food for the not only the brain, but also the spirit. Whether it's offering deep, critical analysis of extraordinary books they've read (or written!), witty observations on culture, or amusing anecdotes of their lives, each day there's something fresh and new to look forward to.

But that's not enough.

Then you find those who are so accomplished and clever with their hands that their homes boast a cornucopia of creations, each more creative and detailed than the last, each one alternately inspiring me and sending me into a shame spiral when viewing my own feeble attempts at handwork.

My dear friend Kristin just welcomed a sweet new granddaughter. She's absolutely beautiful. Those of us around Kristin (and faithful readers of her blog) have known for some time of this grandchild. I tell you this not to offer a refresher course in basic reproductive biology, but to illuminate a basic flaw in my character.

Not only can I not seem to finish anything in a timely manner, nothing I create is in any way similar to the cozy homemaker/crafter bloggers' creations.

I decided, in my infinite wisdom, despite all evidence being contrary to any good outcome, to knit the expected grandchild a sweater. Since my previous knitting accomplishments include a handful a scarves and several botched attempts at socks, this was ambitious, but hey, there was 7 months to complete the sweater, right?

That's right. Seven months. A looong time. Lots of time to find the right yarn, the right pattern and the right talent necessary for such an endeavor.

Yarn? Fairly easy to find.

Pattern? Ditto.

Talent? Apparently missing in action if my progress on the sweater is anything to go by.

Yeah, that looks about right.


countrymouse said...

It's okay, Mary, there's still time : ) Baby isn't yet old enough to know that it isn't done . . .

Oh, and? The quilt I've been working on for my own grandchild that I've had *all 9 months* to complete? Not done either . . . I'm altering the spelling of that quilt. Switch the Q to a G and that about covers it . . . .

Angie said...

Oh Mary, pull out of your shame spiral! I'm sure you'll finish the sweater before the girl grows out of it. If not, maybe she can use it as a tea cozy. Or stuff it as an odd sort of pillow. I have faith in you! Great post.
Love, Angie

Cindy said...

Good for you for hand making something...even if it never gets done in time for this child! :) It shows you care.