Sunday, October 19, 2008

Excess? You Decide

Most of the time I'm pretty content with the stage of life that I'm at. Fairly comfortable with being a woman of a "certain age" with the responsibilities I've maintained for over 20 years. Sure, there's a pang or two of nostalgia when the older girls (24 and 19) discuss exciting early adulthood experiences, but nothing terribly painful.

Most of the time.

The other day my middle daughter was chatting with me while folding her laundry. She mentioned that it had been a while since she'd done laundry, giving a completely logical reason as to why she was folding TWENTY-FIVE pairs of underwear.

TWENTY-FIVE. Nice pairs. Not an "emergency" pair in the bunch. Adorable, lacy little nothings. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. (As a visual aid, I've added a representative photo from Victoria's Secret) Now many of you might be saying: "Twenty-five pairs? Big deal. I've got fifty in the drawer at home." To those of you saying this, I say "Pfft! I have nothing to say to you other than turn in your Mother Martyr card immediately."
But wait. There's more.

She came home from work (she works at an upscale-ish department store) on Friday with TEN. More. Pairs!

Seriously. I'm so not kidding.

Now, I know I'm from New England, am thrifty, practical, pragmatic and all that, but honestly? It's clearly time to go shopping.


Storybook Woods said...

shop you ass off girl ;-) Clarice

countrymouse said...

"mother martyr card" heh heh--ain't it the truth!

Funny--I was just thinking similar thoughts about underwear lately. Must be a "woman of a certain age" thing . . .

Cindy said...

Oh dear Lord. That's a lot of panties! I thought I had a few too many since I have my regular ones and then the...uh...."monthly" ones. So much cash on an item no one sees...mostly no one. :)
I would rather spend the money on shoes!

Tink said...

What can I say to this except;Girls night out shopping for pretty panties date on the calendar looooong over due!! My 4.5 pair are at least 3 years old and sorely lycra dimimished.