Thursday, September 14, 2006

Another Birthday!

We've been fortunate enough to celebrate another wonderful year in the life of my oldest daughter, now 22. 22! I still can't believe that number. I remember holding her in my arms like it was yesterday. I vividly remember all those feelings of being a brand new parent. Pride, worry, and confusion were rampant. Most of all though was the sheer sense of wonder that this small being had made her arrival and was now part of our lives. Forever. In our hearts, our minds, every fiber of our beings.

She's grown into quite a woman. Unbelieveably accomplished and competent, she's a bedrock for the small company she works for. I continually remain in awe of the scope and range of her abilities, both in the workplace and without. She has a wonderful sense of humor and fun hidden (only slightly for anyone who knows her) beneath a more serious demeanor. Her very tender heart is evident to anyone who spends longer than a few minutes in her company and her sense of loyalty and consideration run deep. She's extremely talented and creative, but has a strong streak of pragmatism running through her that keeps her grounded. She makes the world a better place simply by her existance.

I know that I go on and on about my daughters, but I feel so incredibly fortunate to not only be so proud of my daughters, but enjoy their company so much. They are truly the most wonderful friends I could have. It is absolutely impossible to sum up the incredible human beings they are with mere words. I simply know that I am beyond grateful that they are a part of my life.


clarice said...

Happy birthday to an amazing girl and I hope it is full of texas toast :-) xoxo Clarice

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday to your "little girl". It seems to go so quickly doesn't it? Sound like you have a lot to be proud of!

Influencebad said...

Aww, mom, you're so sweet. ^_^ *hugs* And you just HAD to use THAT particular baby pic, didn't you. Thanks. >_<

Kristin said...

Happy birthday, Rebecca! Mary, it's uncanny how much your oldest 2 girls look alike!