Friday, September 22, 2006

Autumn Reading Challenge Update

It is with heavy heart and shame that I admit the "progress" I have made this autumn with my reading challenge. Apparently I have descended into whatever level of hell it is that takes away the ability to focus on anything edifying for any decent length of time but still allows you to devour a Nora Roberts book in an afternoon. With that insight into my brain (what's left of it), you'll understand why Devil in the White City is no longer one of my "current reads". While I know that my daughter and husband found the book highly enjoyable and interesting, I'm not feelin' it (as my oldest would say). The Portable Dorothy Parker is a better choice for me right now and I'm getting ready to start on Sailing the Wine Dark Sea.

Did I really say I'd read Walden???


Influencebad said...

I, on the other hand, have finished Leon Tolstoy's "Childhood" and am now about halfway through Anthony Trollope's "The Warden". ^_^ How's that for edifying?


Of course, I am watching anime and "Angel" every other waking moment, so I guess the garbage I watch is balancing out the literature that I read. ^_^

Kristin said...

Yeah. So I *made* myself get through "Oedipus the King"--only because I have never read Sophocles and felt I should. Then I devoured "Moneyball" in less than 24 hours--during a migraine :) From moral convolution to the Wall Streeting of our national pastime. I am all over the map and none the better to show for it ;)