Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Perfidy of Weather Forecasters

Things are not at their best in my household lately. I'm at turns snappish and anguished. I'm frustrated and angry. In short, I feel betrayed. I've tried to ignore this desperate feeling, but it simply won't go away. I've tried to be reasonable and understanding, but it's no use. It's not a man that inspires such feelings in me, it's those damn weather forecasters. Oh, I know. It's a difficult profession. They can't be perfect. I get that. Intellectually I appreciate that the weather is a challenge to predict, especially here. Emotionally though, it's another story.

Last week was the absolute straw that broke the camel's back. The forecasters were sure that we'd have snow. Nice amounts of snow for this area. It wasn't a question of "if", it was a question of "how much". Bet you can guess how much we got. Nothing. Not a thing. Zip. The forecasters scurried about and published elaborate explanations as to why the "can't miss" snow missed, but their real reason for such hurried explanations was clear. They were concerned that the numerous disappointed residents of the state would revolt and storm the television and radio studios, demanding that someone, somewhere attain god status and accurately predict the weather.

I thought I was over my disappointment. I thought I was finally able to accept the bald truth. I live in an area that just doesn't get much snow. There. I've said it. The days of my youth spent in ice skates and on sleds are not going to be duplicated by my own children. Hot chocolate with marshmallows drank while your nose is red and your fingers begin to tingle as they warm up is just a nice story for my children. I've bravely opted to pretend that I like seeing all this green in January. Just as I felt secure in my acceptance, they did it again. They're calling for snow again on Tuesday. Ha. Yeah right. Sure. It'll happen. They won't get me to hope again. I'm rock solid.

Maybe though, just in case, I ought to make sure we have enough hot chocolate in the house . . .


Mrs. Staggs said...

It's an interesting thing that's happened here where I live too. A few years ago we had very dramatic weather that caused the newscast ratings to go sky high. Ever since then the news broadcasts lead off with a weather tease and every chance of a big snow or wind storm gets played up big time. It's terribly annoying.
I love snow and we rarely have it most years...I understand how you feel. We actually did get some this week and it's very pretty.
I've been thinking about you and I hope your mom is feeling better.

smilnsigh said...

"'s those damn weather forecasters."

-giggles- I love it! So true!

"...would revolt and storm the television and radio studios, demanding that someone..."

-grin- Maybe.... It would help. :-)))

But be careful, I was wishing and wishing for snow... And we got an
Ice Storm. Eeeeeeeeek! Some snow, on and off today, but... still not real snow.

I "feel your pain." ,-) Even if I don't want to venture forth into it. And only like to look out at it, from inside my cozy, warm house. But either way, Winter is supposed to bring snow. At least in my 'neck of the woods.'