Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Reading Challenges

Well, as difficult as this is, I have a confession to make to you all. I feel I need to come clean to you. For I have failed. Failed in a humiliating and deeply distressing way. A way that sincerely calls into question my intellect, level of conviction, and even my character.

It is with deep, abiding shame that I inform you of my neglect in completing my Autumn Reading Challenge. There I have said it. Failed. Such an ugly word.

Honestly, I'm not entirely sure why I decided it was a good idea to share with my readers that I was going to read books that, while edifying in the extreme, apparently held little interest for me in the first place. I could have just been reasonable and whispered the challenge to myself and been spared this public humiliation. As I did not do this eminently wise thing, I now am forced to announce my shame. If I am to be completely honest with you, not only did I not "complete" the challenge, I didn't read most of the books on that list. I did read several and I think I plan to read several more, but the full truth is that I am guilty of neglecting my brain.

I do read a lot. All the time. Voraciously. I'm an equal opportunity reader as well and read just about anything. Well, okay. That's a bit of an overstatement. I'm not terribly keen on comic books, westerns, bodice rippers, quantum physics manuals, or 20th century war chronicles. Other than that, I'm fairly open minded about what I'll read. I generally read a bit more nonfiction than fiction, but really enjoy a wide variety of fiction as well. So, while this whole paragraph sounds like a desperate attempt to redeem anyone's perception of my intelligence in the face of my obvious recent intellectual shortcomings, it is true. Really. Romances? Vampire novels? Some light travelogues? Well, sure. Yeah, I've spent a bit of time with those genres lately, but still. There are other things I've read to. Like that book on string theory. Of course, the author lost me on that one in the first chapter, but I did read it. Kind of. Well, I told you I didn't like quantum physics manuals. String theory's sort of connected with quantum physics, right?

Oh my. This is sounding just pathetic . . .

Here's hoping that the winter will hold many intellectual challenges for me in the guise of fabulous books. Here's hoping that I figure out what the definition of "quantum physics" entails. Here's also hoping that, at the very least, I'm wise enough not to issue challenges to myself publicly that myself likely won't complete.


Kristin said...

Oh no, no, no, no--do not under any circumstances venture to learn the true and accurate definition of "quantum physics." Leave yourself a little wiggle room! You start a book that loses your interest--quick! put it in the category of quantum physics. Someone well-meaning suggests a read that you *know* you're going to morally abhor--can't do it, sounds too much like quantum physics . . .

In fact, I'm supposed to be balancing the checkbook right now rather than perusing blogs. Checkbook balancing is awfully close to quantum physics. Think I'll pass ; )

smilnsigh said...

Thank you for the totally precious entry! You are soooo cute.

Mmmm, me too. On the tending to want to "announce things to the world." A bit tooo sooooon, it often seems.

Also, I tend to non-fiction and... Alright, here comes my 'true confessions.' ,-) I skim. I skim books a lot. I skim, way too many books. Well, for the *true* book lover. But, really, not for me.

If it isn't holding my interest, I skim and move on to another book. IMHO, life's too short to spend time reading things, which I don't really love.

But I would love to understand things like "Quantum Physics," "The String Theory" and "Parallel Universes." So, if you find books which could make *even me* understand them, please do tell me. :-)


Mrs. Staggs said...

Lifes too short not to enjoy what you do and what you read. I was discussing with a friend of mine about how we used to feel that if we started a book we had to finish it, even if we weren't into it. We are both older and wiser now. Neither of us do that anymore. There are so many books and too little time! I read a lot of different kinds of books, but my favorites are cozy mysteries, especially the kinds with recipes in them! I think book lists can be intimidating at times. People worry about how they'll be perceived. There are book snobs just like anything else in life. You can't worry about what others think. I enjoyed the care free sharing that a few people did in Merryville lately. A few people confessed to reading the Internet, their bankbook and romance novels...a few read classics and a few the latest best sellers. It's all good.
I once set myself up with a pink bedspread. I said I was going to see how many things I could make with it. Ha! I've only made one thing so far.
You don't appear as someone who has neglected their brain. LOL!

smilnsigh said...

Long time no entries here. I'm missing you. Hope all is fine.


smilnsigh said...

Are you _sure_ you're 'green with envy,' at my snow??? :-) Well, if you are, I have a "spare foot of it" to send to you. ,-)

I'm not mixed up in your Blog, I hope. This _is_ the last entry here? On January 24th??? 'Cause this is the last, which comes up. Even when I 'refresh.' ???????


smilnsigh said...

Ooops! I had missed your last comment in mine. You've been sick. Oh sigh... Just take it easy and give yourseld more TLC and don't you worry about any entries. Sorry I got impatient.

My bad. I do get impatient. My bad. :-) Don't you *dare* post, till you feel totally fine again. {Till you can again differentiate between diff chocolates! What a litmus test of health, hu? -smile-}