Monday, January 01, 2007

Remembrances of Times Past
What I Learned Over Christmas Vacation

1. Waiting until Christmas week to make Christmas treats (so they are nice and fresh naturally) is a recipe for a nervous breakdown. A breakdown with lots of tasty, fresh nibbles, but a breakdown nonetheless.

2. Nearly 10 yr. old child + American Girl requests = serious expenses.

3. Golden Retrievers never mature - no matter what the breeder tells you.

4. Blown glass ornaments are no match for a 4 yr. old "mature" Golden Retriever.

5. Elderly, portly cats often are displeased when baby cats come to visit and endeavor to show their displeasure in unpleasant ways.

6. Smoking chimneys need firefighters' attention.

7. Children, adult or not, who live in houses with smoking chimneys scare mothers.

8. Origami ornament kits meant to be made with nearly 10 yr. old child as gifts for the family that say "8 and up with supervision - 10 and up alone" lie.

9. Viewing A Christmas Story for the umpteenth time still makes me happy. Watching it with the nearly 10 year old baby of the family (who you know is taking notes on how to be precocious) for the first time is more than a bit terrifying. I'm expecting to be "triple dog dared" any day now on some consequence I've given.

10. East, West, Home is Best - especially one de-Christmased and clean!


Mrs. Staggs said...

Lol! Whew, aren't you glad that it's over! I love Christmas, but have to admit that there are years that all I do is get through the best I can and then sit down and enjoy it all the week after. So much of being the mom ect. seems to be about creating the magic for everybody. That is no small thing.
We love that movie at our house too.

Kristin said...

hmmmm, how do I get a smoking chimney with its accompanying fireman?????

smilnsigh said...

-smile- Excellent list! Especially #2. I'm in the Grandchildren era, but it's still Eeek! :-)

And I came here, via Dear Mrs. Staggs. Where I saw your comment...."...share your concerns and confusions about blogging. My own blog is really nothing like I had originally envisioned it. That can lead to a feeling of being trapped by its tone and content and not quite knowing how to add something entirely different. On the other hand, it does give me an opportunity to explore writing in a new way,..."

I love it when I read something and I want to say; "Me too!" to the author. So, I guess, that's what I'm doing. :-)