Thursday, March 15, 2007

Crafting? Well, Maybe . . .

I've written here in the past about my lack of creative drive. I become interested in a project, but lose steam before really starting it. I'm surrounded by crafty women who constantly create (try saying that three times fast) but have remained uninspired. Part of my problem is the absolute chaos that reigns downstairs, where all of my crafting materials abide. One is never quite sure what one will find when exploring a drawer or a cupboard. Occasionally it's a lovely surprise. More often than not it's an environment that the CDC would insist on hazardous material garb being donned before entry.

That was last week. This is the dawning of a new age. The dawning of the Age of Organization, which will of course give way soon to the Age of Creativity. I spent hours last weekend going through all of my craft supplies. Now I already did this once this year, or so I said to my husband. Obviously I was mistaken. I must have dreamed my craft supply purge since the disorder that met my attempts at organization was significant. No matter. I rose to the challenge and actually organized my supplies.

I bought this large '30s/'40s era kitchen cupboard a while ago. For some time it resided in my kitchen. My children were distinctly less than thrilled that it had taken up residence there. They quickly christened it "The Ugliness", which I found startlingly unfair and inapt. No amount of attempting to awaken a spirit of appreciation for retro-chic worked. They remained appalling prejudiced against it. The final nail in the coffin of the attempt to engender goodwill was when it "attacked" my youngest daughter, apparently seeking revenge for past slights. It, according to her, jumped right on her. Whether it jumped or not, it's true that it ended up right on top of her - along with all the china and glassware that it housed. Fortunately, other than a couple of bruises and scratches from the frosted glass doors that shattered on impact, my daughter was fine. Shaken, although not as much as her mother, but fine.

After that, it was relegated to the downstairs, firmly anchored to the wall. Now, it houses some of my craft supplies. Even though it has a bit of a checkered past and could use a measure of cosmetic attention, I still love it. I love it's yellow and aqua paint, it's little red capped spice jars and it's drop down "table". I have to admit as well that It still gives me a thrill that the mother in A Christmas Story has one that is very like it in her kitchen. Regardless of it's appearance, I'd love it for the space alone it provides to me for my supplies. Along with several other cupboards, sets of roll away drawers and bins, I've finally gotten everything in one place.

Let the creative process begin!


Q said...

A very charming cupboard!
Happy your daughter is okay.
Creative juices will flow now that you have your spot!
Looking forward to seeing what marvels come from the cupboard and your talented hands.
Thank you for inspiring me to "make something."

Kristin said...

I am envious of *any* craft supplies (as mine are all in storage : ( Much less ORGANIZED craft supplies! Good on ya : )

And you'll be posting pictures of your lovely new crafts tomorrow?

smilnsigh said...

Ohh another entry. And with pretty pictures too! Yessss!

And you lived in Maine, so you know how I must be feeling... with more snow. Yish!!!

Thank you for your wishes for warmth, sunshine, daffodils and tulips out my way!


smilnsigh said...

Yeaaaaaaaaa for straightening up! Now, please come over here and give me the 'push' to do mine. Please and thank you. :-)

I don't have crafting stuff to straighten up. I just have _stufffffff_! -sigh-


clarice said...

Mary, I am so happy to hear you are organizing your crafting supplies and hope it will get you in a crafty mood. I always love that cupboard and think it is perfect for holding craft supplies. Clarice

Mrs. Staggs said...

Goodness, how scary that must have been when the cupboard fell on your daughter! I'm glad she's ok.
I really like it too, despite it's bad's perfect for storing craft supplies and gives you a wonderful work surface too.
I am constantly trying to edit and organize my craft supplies. Like you, my need to do more is standing in the way of accomplishing the amount of crafting that I want.