Sunday, March 11, 2007


Like I imagine most of us do, I have a love/hate relationship with my computer. While I admit to some level of fondness on occasion for it, last week I could cheerfully have pitched the idiotic, not-even-one-year-old machine right straight out the window.

In the interest of total disclosure and fairness toward the electronic monster sharing my family room with me, the problem that crashed my computer wasn't of its making. This basic fact wasn't readily apparent to me, or to Carmen, my helpful tech support person until we'd spent serious quality time together doing various exciting and thrilling diagnostics. What this basic fact was irrefutable proof of though was that my software was irredeemably corrupted. Totally unusable. Carmen told me in an appropriately somber tone that the computer had apparently given me the blue screen of death in order to protect itself. She then went on to suggest in an encouraging tone that we would now try and start the computer in "Safe" mode, thereby attempting to preserve all of my data. I'm sure you can guess how that went. If I had any question about the diagnosis, Carmen's sorrowful tone as she gave me the bad "we've done everything we can, but it's simply not enough" spiel was enough. I had to do a factory restore. Wipe everything. Start clean. Yippee.

So, here I am with most of my important stuff gone. Address book? Nope. Links? Nada. Vast amounts of clip art culled for all over the 'net? Yeah, right. I will now repeat 50 times to myself "Back-up tools are my friends".

After having to pull apart my entire desk in order to access the computer's innards, I actually decided to clean the space up as well. Not generally my reaction, but hey, I was on with tech support for hours. What else was I going to do? Mari-Nanci over at SMILNSIGH posted ages ago a fun entry showing where she blogs. I told her when I was brave enough I'd post the pic from the dungeon that I spend my time blogging from. Unfortunately, you'll never get the full effect of the pit that I work from simply because that space and its documentation is gone forever. So, while looking at these pictures, remember - it was way worse before the computer crash.
I've included helpful numbers drawn in with paint to facilitate easier navigation and understanding of the space.
  • 1. Firefighters calendar given to me by my middle daughter. Hey, it's for a good cause
  • 2.Numerous RPG games that I waste time with instead of writing scintillating, erudite and fascinating prose.
  • 3. Dear God. Filthy monitor. What can I say? This is probably the last item in my house that I would clean. Look though, Kristin! I think that's the view from our tropical island. We'll find a firefighter or two from my calendar and head off any day now.
  • 4. Sustenance. In the form of chocolate. There is nothing else that need be said about that.
  • 5. Yet more games. Did you think I was kidding about my RPG gaming addiction? Thank goodness Bob has forgotten that he lent us those Diablo discs 2 years ago!

Just in case you needed one more shot of the space. There's more to the left, but I'll spare you.


Kristin said...

You brave little soul! Hours and hours of tech support, wiping your drive *and* tidying your space enough for a photo? I think you deserve the grand prize which, in this case, is a one way ticket to tropical beach with half-naked hunky firefighter (apologies to your sweet hubby) and a boatload of chocolate for the two of you to roll in. Yeah, that'll about do it : )

Welcome back to the wonderful world of computers that semi do what you ask them to : )

smilnsigh said...

An entry and computer space photo!! You are super back!

Now a moment of sad silence for what happened. And yes, backups are our friends. That's exactly what my "personal computer geek" keeps telling me.

He even sent over a thingy for doing it. And will walk me through the process, over the phone, {we are in diff states}. And still I have not done it.

Mmmmmmmmmm... does the word dumbbbbbbbbbbb Mari-Nanci come to mind? Yes!!!

But so good to see an entry here, Hon!


Rebecca said...




Your... desk! It's so... CLEAN!

Bob said...

the number navigation was most helpful. -_^