Monday, March 19, 2007

Just Watched . . .

Shut up and Sing.

Whether or not you agree with the group, the film or what the group members have to say, the fact that they can say it means something to me. The fact that we can discuss it means something to me. The fervent wish that we can discuss even inflammatory topics without issuing death threats to one another and attempt to come to some respectful knowledge and understanding of each other is something that I have to believe we can still do.

This Most-Definitely-Not-A-Country-Fan is off to buy the Dixie Chicks latest album . . .


Q said...

I so agree!
I actually like the Dixie Chicks better!
We all can speak up. It is caring enough to do so.
Thank you for posting a "real" issue.
Movie looks good. I shall put it on our list.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I heartily agree. It's been such a sad thing for me to see what's happened in our country. We have to have the courage to stand for our convictions and respect the Constitutional rights of every citizen. Diversity of opinion is what makes our country strong....I'm hopeful that more people are coming to realize that.

smilnsigh said...

"can discuss even inflammatory topics without issuing death threats to one another"

Wow! I'm just back in 'Pretty Blog Land'. And.... From the looks of that DVD cover you put up.... This administration issued death threats to these singers!?! The look on his face and the clenched fist around a... something... Sure looks like that's your message.

Ohhh, you didn't mean that...?

This is your blog and you have your Constitutional right to post what you choose here.

Even though the message is, that I do _not_ have the right to boycott any entertainers, whose widely broadcast views, I don't agree with. Like the Dixie Chicks, Jane Fonda, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, George Clooney, Rosey O'Donnell, etc., etc., etc. Hmmmmm, I thought I had the right to 'vote with my $$$.' Guess not.

I have LJ {Live Journal} for this type of posting. I came to "Pretty Blog Land," to not have to face this. For a quiet relief, from controversy. You have the right to post what you choose. And I have the right to not read here.


Mary said...


I specifically wrote that whether or not you agree with what they said, that surely a rational, reasonable discussion could take place without ugliness.

Look again. I didn't say anything about you not "voting with your $$$" I just said that surely in a country that prides itself on diversity, we could acknowledge that we have differen opinions, work together to understand each other and, most importantly, discuss the issue like adults.

I sure hope I'm not wrong.

Kristin said...

Mari-Nanci's blog is a reminder to stop and smell the roses. Mine is a place for me to work out some of my personal issues. Mary's is for whatever purposes suit her : )

Mary, I appreciate your intellectual acumen. I *always* look forward to reading your posts. Whether they make me think about an issue from a different perspective, or whether they're just darn funny : )

clarice said...

Wow Mary, I do not know quite what to say {:-[