Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's been a quiet day. One that has, for once, afforded me completely uninterrupted time. All of my children were busy and away from home. A rarity for this stay-at-home, homeschooling mother. My middle daughter worked today. My youngest daughter enjoyed the rare treat of time alone with my oldest daughter, watching a film at her apartment and playing with her kitten. Bliss for a 10 year old. Which allows bliss for the 40 something - time alone in a completely silent house.
Well, not completely since the dog WOULD. NOT. STOP. BARKING. TODAY. Of course, she might defend herself by saying that she was alerting me to (and of course, defending me from) terrifying and alarming things. Like the cat from two houses over. Or the car that had the audacity to pull into its driveway. Or, most infuriating of all, the beagle from next door. So, it was kind of, sort of blissfully quiet for me . . . Kind of . . . Oh well, I'll take what I can get.
Most of my friends would spend that time productively. Baking something luscious or crafting something amazing. I've told you all before how much I love those homey, crafty blogs out there. Those blogs filled with writings from those women filled with creative energy. I imagine myself in their homes. Seeing the moment that they arise to the lilt of songbirds. Watching them craft with the assistance of charming children and assorted animated animals who rush in with needle, thread or the perfect button. That is not me, I'm afraid. I might have the idea that I'd like to craft something, but the will to do so is often sadly lacking these days. Then again, if I had the assistance of charming children and darling animated creatures to do my bidding, I might feel a bit more inclined. No such luck, I'm afraid. The crafty, homey, cozy blogwomen, who look so nice, but obviously have nefarious intent, have absconded with all of the cheerful chipmunks, busy beavers, persevering porcupines (who also double as pincushions), and diligent doggies and have locked them away in their cottages. Probably keeping them from forming unions to protect their rights too. Ha! No wonder they craft so beautifully and prolifically!
Okay, so I'm reaching a bit for a reason that explains why they are crafting and I'm not. Time to put resentful Walt Disney images of little cottages scattered throughout the country with hard working animals and humans out of my head and concentrate on motivating myself.
It would still be easier though with a handy animal or two around to help though, wouldn't it?


Kristin said...

Somehow, though I *religiously* check your blog daily, I didn't see this one until today. Is that what that refresh button is all about? Hmmmm, have to look into that . . .

Well, dear Mary, I too am among the ranks of those who would not be using my time industriously if you happened to peek into my life on a quiet day. Sadly, you would more likely find me in a compromising position with my notorious paramour, Chocolate . . .

Rebecca said...

I'm holding a protest to benefit cute, cuddly, animated animals who are used as forced slave labor by evil movie industries (like Disney). Such reprehensible practices have, as you have noted, led to the more common, widespread use of animated creatures as slave labor. PROTEST WITH ME!

smilnsigh said...

He,he,he... All those blogs filled with writings of women filled with creative energy. Ahhhh yes. Seems like I'm reading a kindred spirit. In the not-so-creative way. ,-)

Nope, I am not creative. Oh I have tried my hand at this or that, along the way. But I just can't seem to get myself into such a groove anymore. But, I have a habit, honed over many years. I perfected it, wayyy back with Martha Stewart!

I loved to see her old tv shows {shot at Turkey Hill} and read what she did and all. But I never tried to do what she did.

Had a friend who did try. And then was irrrrritated that her project didn't come out like MS's did. Sillllly woman, I'd say. Be like me. Just don't even try. It saves all that angst.

And there 'in a nutshell' is my secret for enjoying all the crafting I read of, in 'My Pretty Blog Land'! :-)))))

But I really enjoyed your telling it! You are so cute and so funny. I love it.