Tuesday, February 20, 2007


What on earth is up with Blogger not letting me have paragraph breaks? This is unacceptable.
First it takes me forever to find time to post. Time where I'm not being badgered incessantly for something or another by someone or another. Then I have to find artwork. Why is it that I seem to have masses of clip art/image books and can never find what I'm looking for? I won't even tell you about my forays into Googleland for images. Those tales would raise the hair on your neck. Just a note. Don't attempt to look for "1940-50s Housewife images". Trust me.
Then, once that's done, I actually have to write the post. All very time consuming and labor intensive. Well, whether it is or not is beside the point. Blogger should make sure that the actual "new" Blogger actually works.

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smilnsigh said...

"Blogger should make sure that the actual "new" Blogger actually works. Sheesh."

Methinks that though they say that Beta Bogger is over, it's not totally. 'Beta' means; 'We don't have all the bugs out yet.' And it looks like, they don't.

Tell you a trick I learned, in other blogging... If I can't get the spacing I want, I put a simple 'period,' on the line, where I want a space line to show. Just a 'period,' fools the site into leaving a space. And that's what I wanted, in the first place. :-)

Courage! :-)