Wednesday, February 28, 2007

  • Oscar Re-Cap

    Well, when I saw Rebecca's post reviewing the Oscars I saw no point at all in posting another one. Hers is spot on (for the most part anyway) and hilariously funny. I disagree on several incredibly important counts though. Issues that I feel compelled to bring to light given the seriousness of the occasion.

    Jessica Biel's dress: No, Bec, this is not a good look. I know you feel kindly toward Ms. Biel on account of her example of How to Get Ready For Your Own Action Flick, but really? This dress? This color? No.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow's Acting Ability: Shame on you. I know you dismiss the likes of Shakespeare in Love and Emma as "chick flicks" and therefore only suitable for occasional viewing with your mother when she's mad at you and you want to extend the olive branch , but I feel you are far too dismissive of Ms. Paltrow's acting ability. AND while you may not appreciate her acting ability, it's beyond the pale to assert that she is an alien out to wreak havoc on humanity. I have it on good authority that she is not one of the Pod People. She just had the misfortune to employ one of the Pod People's hairdressers for the occasion. How silly of you to have fallen for their ploy.
  • Penelope Cruz's dress: I know I'm in a minority among the family Oscar viewers (and probably among many fashion critics) but I liked Penelope's dress. I loved the color and while I agree that the train on the dress was a bit much, I thought she looked lovely. So there.

Since Rebecca did such a nice job with the Oscar review/recap, there's little more I can say other than to fill you all in on what she left about about the evening.

  • She showed up late. Shameful.
  • Because she and Bob showed up just as the show was starting they opted to share one ballot for their selections instead of taking the extra 3 minutes to make a copy. Apparently a mistake given the remainder of the evening.
  • Because they shared a ballot, there were appalling altercations between the two of them throughout the night. Moral of the story? Don't attempt to fill out a ballot with another person, especially when a Barnes and Noble gift card for the person who correctly predicts the most winners is on the line.
  • She found it necessary to ruffle her sister's hair numerous times throughout the night. This is definitely not a recommended practice. It annoys the heck out of Caroline, which means that the rest of us get annoyed at her annoyance, her sister's glee and Bob's egging on. Rebecca ended up getting kicked in the head though, so I guess they're even. (Caroline insists that the kick was an "accident". None of us are fooled. She's little, and looks lovely and sweet, but we all know better.)
  • She and Bob drove well out of their way to bring me my glasses that I left at my parents' house.
  • Bob purchased a darling little primrose for me to make up for his part in the Caroline Incident
  • Spending time with my mother and daughters (and Bob too), even with the altercations and mussed hair, is absolutely one of my favorite things in the world to do.

Already looking forward to next year!


Rebecca said...

Okay, now I feel that I need to address several points in your post:

1. I concede defeat on Jessica. But I don't care what she's wearing, she's so buff she would get an honorable mention no matter what.

2. Unfortunately fashion critics LOVE Cruz's dress.

3. Bob and I were not late. Even though we thought we were, we weren't, so it doesn't even count.

4. The Caroline Incident was all Bob's fault.

5. Even though I kind of hate the Oscars, I'm already looking forward to next year too - Oscar night was a blast!


Kristin said...

You know, that whole debate on the Jessica Biel situation is beginning to make Jessica sound a lot like a (slightly) more feminine Chuck Norris. It's almost as though you could take all the Chuck Norris 'jokes' (not that I would *dare* crack wise about Mr. Norris!) and just insert Jessica's name. Roundhouse kick and all.

"Chuck Norris (and now, Jessica Biel) doesn't churn butter. He roundhouse kicks the cows and the butter comes straight out."

And yeah, Mary's right . . . that dress? That color? No. Mom wins that round. Chuck Norris agrees.

smilnsigh said...

Awww come on. You commented in my blog; "Your space is far nicer (and neater!) than where I sit hunched over my computer."

No one's space is nicer. We each have what we have, at the moment. I've not always had my space fixed up as much like I like, as now.

Plus!! Of course I neated-it-all- up, before taking the pic!! ,-)

Just get brave as you said, and take a picture and put it up. Won't really *hurt* you know. ,-)

Btw, you might be getting a 'Forward'... I'll leave it at that. ,-)


Bob said...

In response to rebecca's post line #4. I'd just like to say that's a complete falsehood. We all know who the real perpetrator was \/