Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar Anticipation

Ooh . . . tonight's Oscar night! I know, I know. Hollywood's superficial, artificial and Botoxed to the hilt, but I love it anyway. Well, except for the Botox. Lately every time I see actual laugh lines, crow's feet, or forehead wrinkles on an actor, male or female, I practically stand up and cheer. It's not just because I'm in my 40s now either, although that probably has something to do with it. I just appreciate seeing people who don't look like they've been abducted by Plastic-faced Pod People aliens in the middle of the night and set back down to star in the latest motion picture for a $20 million price tag.

While I love the Oscars, it isn't often that I get to see all of the nominated performances. This year was a particularly bad year for me. I only saw 4 of the 5 films nominated for Best Picture and few others. Regardless of my dismal movie-going habits this year, I will make my predictions for tonight's winners. With a bow of gratitude to Entertainment Weekly (my weekly Hollywood fix), here are my predictions for the "big" ones:

Actor - Leading:
Forest Whitaker
Actor Supporting:
Eddie Murphy
Actress- Leading:
Helen Mirren
Actress- Supporting:
Jennifer Hudson
Martin Scorsese
Documentary Feature:
An Inconvenient Truth
Best Picture:
The Departed (please, please not Babel - what has to be the most dreadful film of the year)
Screenplay - Adapted:
Children of Men
Screenplay Original:
Little Miss Sunshine

Well, I'm off to get ready for a chocolate-laden Oscarfest with my mother and my girls. I'll check back in and give you my terribly biased and opinionated take on the evening's winners.

Have fun at your own Oscar party!


smilnsigh said...

I don't get to see all the nominated films either. I'm really sooooo 'bad' at theater going. I rent from Blockbuster by mail, though. {And then, don't watch them quickly, so as to get my money's worth either. Yish}

And I too read that 'Babel' is utterly ugh.

Agree that Helen Mirren will get the Best Actress award. Read somewhere, that it's the way it goes. Or has been, for a while. Actors get Oscars for _impersonations_! Not knocking the job they do but... think back on Reese W. getting it, for June Cash and on and on and on.

If I remembered where I read that, I could point you to it. But, naturally, I don't remember. ,-)

I want to see one of my favorites, Judi Dench. She is a magnificent actress and I like her personally, at least from what I've read of her. And I love how she is a wonderful role model for 'Ladies of a Certain Age' like me. I think, gee if she can look that good, with plenty of age signs, well, maybe there's hope for me too. -grin-

And... on the completely non-deep side... Will that cutie Reese Witherspoon be able to top how great she looked at the Golden Globes?!?!?! :-) Dumped by *rat* of a husband... comes out at her first post-divorce big night {Golden Globes}... looking just sooo grrrrreat, with simple, new hair style and that simple golden dress! Yeaaaaaa Reese! -giggles-

I can't have a _chocolate_-laden night with you {Poor me!!!} but... I have something to "be decadent with." Let the Red Carpet viewing begin! :-)


Rebecca said...

Well mom, you did pretty well in the prediction department (as usual!). Check out my blog for my rundown of Oscar Night!

smilnsigh said...

You sure did 'do good'! :-)

Loved Reese! She was the highlight of the Red Carpet for me.

Judi Dench was home in bed, after knee surgery or some such. -pout- But Helen Mirren held up the 'how a not young gal should look' department for her.

Many other great looking gals and guys. Some weird ones, but... what would the Red Carpet be, if _everyone_ dressed purrrrrrfecty?!? Very boring, that's what it would be. ,-)

Did not watch the show itself. We hardly ever do. I like actors/actresses for _acting_. Not for *commentary.* And I can always look at morning after pics of the really _Important_!!! part... The Red Carpet, on the Net. All over again.

But, I can't stop without a quick---> I was shocked to see Joan Rivers face, when she turned it to the camera. Mmmmm... is that a bad face job?!?!?!?! My husband and grands are giving me grief, because I keep saying this. But.. I was sort of mesmerized by her, in a watching-a-train-wreck way.

Btw, oldest Granddaughter is nearly 15 so you can imagine how she loves to watch the Red Carpet fashions too. :-)